Rahat Ahmed

JavaScript Developer

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here comes dat rahat



A tiny push notification app. (OFFLINE)

Pierre Monard

A digital short essay about Jorge Luis Borges' short story.


CLI command to print out nearby movie showtimes. (BROKEN, RIP Google Showtimes)


Twitter bot that says "oh hell yeah baby" a bunch, inspired by @fart.


Twitter bot that replies to phone screenshots with low battery indicators.

Letterboxd Diary Heatmap

A heatmap visualization of your Letterboxd diary.


A website that times how long you can SCREAM.


An endless falling game in Unity.

lucas geniza

A website for musician Lucas Geniza.


A Material design circular progress bar for Android, supporting older versions.

Radio UTD

A Material design Android app for Radio UTD. (CANCELLED)


A spiritual port of our Vivio IRC bot to Node.js.

rahatah.me/d v1

The original version of this website, before I redesigned it. (OFFLINE)

Simple LED Widget

An Android Widget to help those in the dark. Designed to match existing style of built-in Power Control Widget.


A website showcasing some amazing tracks produced by djPixzel. (OFFLINE)


A Pong clone where the ball splits every time it hits a paddle written in Java using LibGDX. Released as desktop application, web applet, and Android app.


An open source IRC client written in Java with SWT. Supports user scripts in JavaScript and Ruby to customize behavior.